Sunday, July 23rd, 2017


tygraTygra is the best architect and scientist of all the Thundercats.  He is one of the eldest Thundercats and is often the one that Lion-O turns to for help and advice.  He designed all the Thundercat structures on Third Earth including the Cat’s Lair and the Tower of Omens.  He has the gift of ‘mind power’, this is the ability to create life-like illusions in other people’s minds.  He used this power for Lion-O’s Anointment Trial, but it puts a large strain on him.  His weapon is a bolo-whip, he uses this to make himself invisible.

Original voice – Peter Newman

Peter is best known for voicing Tygra in the Thundercats series.  He also did the voices for the Thundercats characters Wilykat, Ben-Gali and Monkian.  When talking about Thundercats he said “We had the freedom to create these characters any way the director would let us, basically, and do whatever sounds and give whatever expression we could.”  Apparently, when doing the voice of Monkian, Peter’s face morphed into that of a monkey!

Movie voice – TBC

I will keep you posted.