Saturday, June 24th, 2017


snarfSnarf’s real name is Osbert, which he hates.  Snarf acted as Lion-O’s nursemaid and protector when he was a young boy.  Most of Snarf’s time is now spent cleaning Cat’s Lair and cooking.  In a few episodes, Snarf overcomes his cowardice and saves the lives of the other Thundercats.  He has the ability to talk to the other creatures of Third Earth.

Original voice – Robert McFadden

Robert was born in Ohio in 1923.  He was best known for voicing Snarf in the Thundercats.  He also voiced Slithe and Ma-Mutt in the popular animated series.  He sadly died in 2000 in Florida.  Thundercats fans all over the world have great respect for Robert and will sincerely miss him in the upcoming movie.

Movie voice – TBC

I will keep you posted.