Saturday, June 24th, 2017


panthroPantro is one of the eldest Thundercats. He is a mechanical wizard and an incredible engineer. His excellent fighting technique with battle-sticks proves him to be a vital team member. His broad mechanical knowledge assisted him in building the Thundertank from pieces of their wrecked spacecraft. After creating Cat’s Lair, Pantro was then able to build many new vehicles in his high-tech workshop.

Original voice – Earle Hyman

Earle Hyman is an American actor that was born in 1926. He is a native of North Carolina and is best known for playing Russell Huxtable, Cliff’s father, on The Cosby Show. In 1986 he was nominated for an Emmy Award. Early on in his career, Earle taught himself Norwegian in order to play the role of ‘Ibsen’ in the original language on stage. Earle still has an apartment in Oslo. As well as providing the voice of Panthro in Thundercats, Earle provided the voices of various other characters in the series.

Movie voice – TBC

I hope that it’s Earle obviously! I will let you know as soon as it’s announced.