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The Ro-Bear Berbils Are Back

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ro-bear berbils

This weeks episode of the new Thundercats sees the re-introduction of the Ro-Bear Berbils and Thunderdads will have no problem spotting them. Producer Ethan Spaulding says:

“When deciding to bring the Berbils back we agreed to not change their design or personality too much as they were some of the most memorable characters in the original ThunderCats universe. The appeal of the Ro-Bear Berbils is their unassuming look – cute, furry, robotic teddy bears and their robotic voices. They look cute but are actually great builders and help the ThunderCats in many ways.”

There are a few differences that older fans with good memories will spot. In the new Thundercats world the Berbils come in different sizes and they are able to roll up into a ball so they can quickly escape from danger.

Friday’s episode is called “Berbils” and is on the Cartoon Network at 8:30/7:30c but you can watch the video below for a preview.

So what do you think? Is the producer right when he says they’ve kept to the original concept of the Ro-Bear Berbils and more importantly, what do your kids think of them and the new Thundercats? Do they love it as much as we did and are they as keen as us for a Thundercats movie?

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Martha says:

    That is nothing like Thundercats!!! Not even Lion-O

  2. ned bocco says:

    The new thundercats is much better as far as the story line goes and the animation. The changes made on the sword of omens was creative just glad they didn’t change the look of it. I can’t believe they changed lion-o and Panthro those two. They did a good job with curettage for the most part the new show is off the hook I can’t wait for the movie!

    • ned bocco says:

      Sorry about the typo they never should have changed lion-o or panthro those two should have been left aloan. I like the changes with cheetara.

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