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Thundercats Movie Still On

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As we are well into the all new TV series now and whether we get a Thundercats movie or not depends on how successful it is, I thought I would scour the critics and see what they think of the new show so far.

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That guy with the glasses believes the show has a lot of promise and hopes it has continuing success. Below is a small sample of his indepth and excellent review:

“Based on the third episode where the quest actually begins, as well as several episodes after, one can presume this show will subscribe to the “Friendship is Magic” standard of children’s shows.  What do I mean by this?  Well, Lion-O appears to undergo an effective character change by the end of each episode as his experience seems to reflect whatever message the show means to convey for that week.  Lion-O will come to appreciate his teammates in one episode, or learn the importance of patience, or of life itself by the end credits, and it will be thanks to whatever arbitrary “pipe-layer” character presents itself during the show.  This can be seen as either a fallback on traditional beliefs and positive messages for kids as easily as it can be labeled a cheesy portrayal of after-school special style preaching.  Me personally, I see it like a project for cartoon writers.  Take the template of “lessons” and apply them to children without talking down to them.  No easy task, but given the amount of hard work that goes into each cell of animation, it is not overbearing to presume the writers can be a little more deep in the meaning they wish to convey.” Read the rest of the review here. say the new Thundercats is ‘pawsome’

“The new producers of the series have taken some big liberties with the new version, most notably going with a full-on reboot and completely remaking the origin story rather than picking up where the original left off. Combined with the sharp new animation and character tweaks, the new story works well for old folks like me as well as for kids who didn’t pop out of the womb during Reaganomics.”

“But the most impressive part of the new version is how grown up it is, while still appealing to kids. The new series plays out more like an actual serialized television series or an epic movie rather than something meant to babysit your kids while you “work” (or whatever it was Mom actually did). There is some seriously dark stuff in here—like, Bambi-type of dark stuff. But the series also throws in some laughs, and humor and drama are both used well, extending the depth of these anthropomorphic cats. Overall, a very impressive start for something I thought would smell like a week-old litter box.” Read the rest of the review here.

Jennifer’s Loveshack loves the new series and had this to say in her review:

“The art looks great! Cheetara is still a total badass.  Of course. GRUNE!!!!  Major awesome points right there!  Some of my favorite episodes include the duels between Grune and Jaga.  Grune is a saber tooth tiger and in this series is a lauded General. Lynx-O appearance as a lookout, that’s kind of funny since he is blind.” You can read her review here.

Meanwhile Topless Robot absolutely loves the show and believes it sets the standard for any future 80′s cartoon reboots as you can see from his review:

“The new ThunderCats is the best relaunch of any ’80s cartoon series ever. Seriously. Better than 2002 He-Man, better than any Transformers adaptation, even better than G.I. Joe: Resolute. When anyone wants to talk about how the beloved franchises or our youth should be revived in the modern age — for instance, like when I go stand in the corner and start screaming about Masters of the Universe — all we need to do is point to the new ThunderCats as an example of how it can be done.” Read this excellent review here.

It’s a given series 2 will follow thanks to reviews like the above samples and of course because the fans – new and old – are loving the first. If the new toy lines sell well this Christmas and it meets similar success as it rolls out across the rest of the world, we should hopefully soon be hearing from Warner Bros that the Thundercats movie is back on.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. ak says:

    this is awesome!!!!they kept enough of the original,but the changes they did do make it even better than the original.didn’t think that was possible,but they’ve more than pulled it’s more sophistocated,and i love the art&music.had a feeling whoever was in charge of this had to be someone my age who grew up w/the series.LOVE IT,LOVE IT,LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. Seth Tyrssen says:

    Artwork, fantastic; more developed story line, terrific; character development … uh, has a ways to go. Cheetara may look 15 again, but is, somehow, nowhere near as sexy as in the original. If I have to explain, etc …

    Hope we get the live-action movie we’ve been witing for, since the original show went off the air.

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