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Thundercats Movie To Follow The New TV Series?

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The brand new series of Thundercats has been met with rave reviews from the film and TV online community.

If Warner Bros needed any more proof a Thundercats movie would be a winner, hopefully they now have it. The movie, which was well into the planning stage when the plug was pulled due to the poor economy may well be back on the table if the new Thundercats cartoon series continues to keep both new fans and Thunderdads as happy as the all new TV series has.

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Here are a few snippets of what some of the early reviewers from the industry are saying so far about the new Thundercats series.

“Combining myth, might and magic, Cartoon Network’s new Thundercats series raises the bar for revamping old 80′s cartoons” was Cosmic Booknews take on last nights show.

“Much more than a modern update of old ideas, the new Thundercats is an ambitious reimagining that stands to the original 1980′s show. For new fans, old fans and anime fans, Thundercats looks to be essential viewing that deserves to be a smash crossover hit” came from Toonzone

While Entertainment Weekly called it both “faithful to the original series” and “a canny rethinking of the series.”

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As well as rave reviews to keep Warner Bros happy, companies across the globe have been quick to snap up all the available licensing rights. Licensing Biz Rights reports a total of 9 companies signed up after being shown the first episode.

Big names including Panini and Bandai are on board and they are also saying the new Thundercats tv series will be screened in the UK as early as August, exclusively on the Cartoon Network.

Its all looking set up nicely for a Thundercats movie although the 2012 release date listed at IMBd may be optimistic, I’m personally more than a little hopeful of a movie release over the Christmas 2013 holidays.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Michael Bryant says:

    The new Thundercats are awesome!! We have waited far to long but worth the wait!! Now bring on the live action movie!!

  2. Courtney Paige says:

    I nearly jumped out of my skin when I first saw the preview for the show. It was very well done and I would love to see live action Thundercats. I watched the show since I was little and would watch it everyday. Please Warner Brothers, give the people what they want. Thundercats.

  3. I’m very thrilled that “ThunderCats” is back in the mainstream with a new cartoon. Both classic and modern rolled into one on the new cartoon. The characters we know and love are given deeper development. If the revamp is proven to be a hit, no doubt Warner Bros. will consider doing a “ThunderCats” movie, be it animated or live-action.

  4. Keslice says:

    Looove the new thundercats series, I watched all the time as a kid and now my son is a fan, plz make thundercats a movie, it’s well overdue and WB is crazy not to realize the potential here, make my dreams comr true WB…. Lol!!

  5. farrad says:

    i would love to see a movie on this….this was one of my favorite cartoons in the 80s….my favorite character was PANTRO….i hope it makes it back to the screen…TV OR MOVIE…

  6. i really like to see a thundercats movie to be made and a voltron movie also come out to the movies it will be so cool they both come out they did make 3 80′s cartoonlive action movies are done al ready so they need to make thundercats & voltron to the movies or maybe dvd

  7. and also i like to see 2 CGI MOVIES of dragonballz

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