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New Thundercats Series Will Look After Thunderdads

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The production team along with Larry Kenney were at the WonderCon in San Francisco talking about the new Thundercats series due to start on the Cartoon Network this July.

The general theme of their interviews was that original fans (AKA Thunderdads) would be able to enjoy the new Thundercats just as much as their children would.

Art director Dan Norton said:

“We definitely had the ‘ThunderDads’ in mind. We’re ThunderDads ourselves, some of us. There’s definitely something in here where old school fans are going to notice things and get that familiarity, but at the same time it’s going to be new. We found a way to wipe the slate and pay homage to the original spirit of the show.”

Producer Michael Jelenic told Comic Book Resources that one of the biggest challenges was to simplify the mythology of the original series.

“We didn’t want to do exactly what the old show did. We looked at the themes and the intention and then went from there. The series sort of starts in the middle of the story. We have a pretty vast mythology that we’re developing, and it’s a slow burn. You’re not going to find out the whole story in the first three episodes. You’re not going to find the whole story out in the first 26 episodes. But we have a story mapped out that if you’re patient, all your questions are going to be eventually answered.”

One of those mythology changes concerns Thundera, home of The Thundercats. In the new series it is no longer a planet but a city state on Third Earth although the series follows the original story of how their home is destroyed and they have to venture out into the bigger world.

So what does Larry Kenney, original voice of Lion-O and now the voice of King Claudus think the Thunderdads will make of the show?

“The animation is fantastic, and the most important thing is that they’re staying true to the heart of the show” he told CBR, “the code of Thundera and what the show was all about: truth, justice and loyalty. So while the show looks a little different, you’re going to recognize the characters. When you see Panthro on screen, you’re going to know it’s Panthro. It’s not going to be like ‘Well, who’s that supposed to be?’”

The mutant generals Vultureman and Monkian will all be back for the new series too together with villians Driller and Grune.

“It’s got some dark themes,” said producer Jelenic. “You want a six-year-old to be able to watch it, but we also want something in there for the ThunderDads…it works for both audiences.”

So far all the right noises are coming from the team so lets hope it lives up to the promises :-)

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  1. Tammy says:

    But will there be thunder kittens? kit and Kat were my favorite characters.

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