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ThunderCats Legend Larry Kenney Answers Your Questions!

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Larry Kenney, voice of Lion-O, answers your questions – what a great guy he is!

Here we go… 

Q - Have you heard anything about the ThunderCats lately?  And not just the movie but the new series, videogames, etc.
(from Caravaggio)

A - Nothing specific, but I would guess that if the upcoming movie does well, Warner Bros. might consider producing a new TV series.


Q – How did you get into voice acting?  I’m really interested in that myself and would like to hear how you should go about it. (from Caravaggio)

A – I started my career as a radio DJ, which was great training for voice-over work; I read live commercials and did impressions and character voices on my show.  My advice to anyone considering getting into the field is to take classes from a reputable teacher or studio.  You’ll see listings in your yellow pages under ‘Voice Acting Classes’ or ‘Voice


Q - Larry K. Your 80’s vocals truley brought life into the Lion-O character.  I shall honestly hope that you can provide service again in the upcoming media releases.  Just awesome…
(from Jason Mosley, ThunderCat)

A – Thank you, Jason!


Q – Hi Larry, I hope you get to read this message soon.  I can’t thank you enough for voicing Lion-O because he meant so much to me in my early years of growing up.  The main thing was the messages he used to sent out to me through the episodes and it was your voice all along that made me listen.  I don’t think I could have listened to Lion-O if it was anyone else.  I really hope you voice Lion-O in the ThunderCats movie I’ve heard little about.  I will honestly remove my arm if that was the only way to watch it hehe.  Again, hope you get this message, hit me back, just, truly yours, your biggest fan, Mr Stan. (from Aaron-O)

A – Wow … Thanks, Aaron!  But don’t remove that arm; you’ll need it to applaud the movie.


Q - I would like you to tell me an anecdote about your work and/or people you worked with on ThunderCats please? (from Remy F.)

A – My favorite memory is watching the late Earl Hammond each time he performed his lines as “MUMM-RA”.  As he bellowed “Ancient Spirits of Evil”, he took on the visual characteristics of the character … right down to the buckets of drool cascading from his mouth.  Disgusting, but funny as hell!


Q – Hello Larry, I was wondering if you recall what your favourite episode or scene was and what episode/scene/plotline you disliked the most? (from C-M)

A – I think my favorite episode (actually two episodes) was the one-hour pilot for the show titled ‘Exodus’.  Probably because it set up the entire series, giving the background of each character and explained where the ThunderCats came from and where they were going.  I honestly didn’t dislike any episode.


Q – Did you read any of the relaunched ThunderCats comics and if so, what were your thoughts on that? (from C-M)

A – I’ve seen many of the comics, but have never read them thoroughly.  They seem pretty cool.


Q - Bit of a random question but were the “outtake” sound files, that did the rounds on the internet a while back, real?  If they were, it sounded like you guys had a great time recording the episodes. (from Nim)

A – The are real, and we DID have a great time.  We recorded in the mid-80s, remember, when there was no internet.  In those days “out-takes” were only heard at the studio and in the homes of people who made copies and played them at parties.  We had no idea that our “goofing off” would one day be available to the whole world via the web.


Q – Would you listen to my ThunderCats version theme?  That could be great!!…Thanksss!! Cheers! (from s.w) 

A - I’d love to hear it!


Q – Hey Larry, do you have an opinion on how they could pull off the rumoured live action ThunderCats movie, as these things can be tricky because there are certain things you can only pull off in a cartoon? (from Stewart)

A – I really don’t know … I’m not versed in technology … I’m just an actor!


Q – If it is a live action movie, do you think they should include Snarf? (from Stewart)

A – It’s not live action, it’s CGI.  And yes, Snarf should be in it.


Q – Larry, your voice for Lion-O was fantasic!  I’ve been a big fan for years.  It was and still is the best cartoon EVER made.  What was it like recording the episodes for the show? (from Kenny)

A – Thank you, Kenny.  It was the most fun I’ve ever had in a recording studio.  We were like a family … a crazy, wild, fun family.


Q – Are there any aspects of yourself in Lion-O? (from Kenny)

A - Sure.  I try to follow the Code Of Thundera, just like Lion-O.


Q - Larry, first of all I would like to say that I am a huge fan of the ThunderCats even though I am only 18, thank my older brother for introducing me to it.  I get excited everytime I watch my brother’s DVD box sets and I even cried when Lion-O said goodbye to Jarga and when he meet his father Claudis and when he was dying, so sad I know.  How does it make you feel to know that the younger generation who were not even born when the ThunderCats were made really enjoy the cartoon? (from Samantha Gill)

A – It’s a fantastic feeling to know that ThunderCats still “hold up” … people your age and even younger who see it for the first time enjoy it as much as our original audience.


Q – Will you be taking part in the new film and will any of the original cast members be involved also? (from Samantha Gill)

A – My agent is in contact with Warner Brothers, but as of yet they have not made any decisions regarding casting for the voices.


Q - Are you a fan of CG animation or would you be happier with traditional 2-D animation? (from Shekky)

A – I like both … I’m just happy they’re making the movie.


Q – In the anointment trials episodes, would you consider when Tygra used his mind power to get the mutants off Lion-O’s path, him helping Lion-O?…thus interfering in his trial? (from Shekky)

A – I like to think Tygra would never interfere with Lion-O.  Otherwise, I’d have to kick his ass.


Larry concluded by saying “Thanks for all your questions and for being such great fans!  It’s wonderful to know that our work has brought enjoyment to so many nice folks like you all over the world.” 

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to post a question and a big thanks to Larry Kenney for taking the time to answer them for us.

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Aaron-O says:

    Aw man, Lion-O actually replied to me. I’m now a happy happy person. A part of my life is complete, I’ve talked to my favourite Thundercat! And not a fake, but the REAL DEAL! Thanks Larry.

  2. Shekky says:

    Thanks for answering my questions. And it looks like we got a fight on our hands because Tygra totally interfered. LOL

  3. Larry, don’t think that you are gonna read this but, just in case go to and there you can listen to my thundercats version theme.

  4. Kirk says:

    I wanted to know, why is the movie going to be in CGI, not in a live action movie? I think it would be better live action with CGI in it. Like how they made the movie in Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars.


  5. shekky says:

    kirk. no way it should be live action. it would look like that broadway show cats.

  6. Jason says:

    Do you know if they are going to cast Jessica Beil for Cheetara? Shed be perfect for it….!!!!!

  7. SKIP says:


  8. Andres Recasens says:

    A stunning fake trailer, In 2 days more than 700.000 viewers! It’s like a dream see Brad Pitt a perfect Lion-o, Vin Diesel Panthro, Hugh Jackman…I know, amazing inaccessible choices(see comments).
    Will Thundercats fans wait for this movie, that never will be real unfortunately and compares any great production with this original fake trailer?…come out from theaters like occured with speed racer or with the Dragon crappy Ball Z?
    Did you saw the trailer?
    Youtube; “Thundercats Movie trailer (fanmade) by WormyT”

  9. ALISTIR says:

    noooo, por favor que hagan la pelicula de los thundercats en carne y hueso.

  10. i am a huge fan growing and following please and i mean please send me an email i can send u pix of mu vehicle that i feel is rightfully deserving recognition and respect again please one moment of your time its awesome im in orlando fla. thank you.

  11. C.B. Smallwood says:

    Sometimes the people who make these movies just dont get it. The original fans want the original actors doing the voices. If anyone else had done Optimus Prime in both movies it would have ruined it for me. It was bad enough that Welker wasn’t Megatron. I realize some actors have passed and they will be missed in this movie, but come on man! Bring back “our” characters! That isnt too much to ask… Thundercats Ho!

  12. Dekrypted says:

    i personally am glad that the movie will be CGI. turning old animated series into live-action movies doesn’t seem to be turning out good as of late ie: G.I. JOE and DB:E

  13. Ryan Lepore says:

    I wish if there was a new Thundercats cartoon TV series, I want Jaga and Lion-O’s father Claudus to be resurrected in it!

  14. robert H says:

    I always dreamt about a thundercats movie.. back in the day I always watched Thunder Cats, G.I. Joe, and the transformers. They always started my day… so far no thunder cats movie…. I hope soon, I can’t wait, and Lion O was my favotite cat ahahah, bring it on

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